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澳门巴黎人电子游艺:35 stock strategy product yield over 100% cutting-edge private into 2017 "life winner"

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内容摘要: The year-end and new year results of the private equity market in 2017 have been released. According to the statistics, out of the 4498 pri...

The year-end and new year results of the private equity market in 2017 have been released. According to the statistics, out of the 4498 private equity products included in the statistics, the average performance of 35 private equity products exceeds 100% in 2017, of which 4 private equity product yield is more than 200%. It is worth noting that many of the top 10 private placement companies made excess returns due to the placement of Hong Kong stocks. On the whole, cutting-edge private placement becomes 2017's "winner of life."

Tiancheng No. 1 Yield "Winning"

It has been almost half a year since 2018, and the "Life Winner" of the private equity market in 2017 has been released.

In 2017, benefiting from the structural market of the A-share market, the overall return on investment in the private equity industry is good. The overall return on equity-based private equity is also impressive. According to statistics, out of the 4498 private equity products included in the statistics, the average performance of 35 private equity products in 2017 returned more than 100%. The average return of four of the private equity managers was more than 200% The average return of 10 private equity managers was 188.46%, the highest being 231.55%.

Data show that as of December 30, 2017, out of 4498 private equity private equity funds, 2979 private equity products achieved positive returns, accounting for 66.22%. Compared with the doubling of the net value of only two private equity markets in 2016, the net private equity of 34 private equity products doubled in 2017. From the published results, Tiancheng No.1, Yushanxuniu 1, Poletai, Yoho Fund, and Sichuan Bank Sub-prime 1 are the top 5 private equity performance of 2017 equity strategists.

Daily Economic News reporter noted that the 2017 fight for private equity titles more intense than in previous years, five products net gains rose above 192%, with little difference between each other. Among them, Tiancheng No. 1, headed by Guofu Tiancheng, took the top spot in the 2017 private equity strategy with a yield of 231.55%; followed by Yuxianxuniu No.1 under Yangyong Fund of Yunxi to 217.07 % Of the rate of return among the runners-up; and Ling Tong Shengtai Dong Baozhen managed not very Thai to 214.19% of the proceeds ranked third; in addition wave of investment excellent wave fund to 207.99% of the proceeds ranked fourth; River Island assets The subordinate's Kawabata No. 1 ranked fifth with 192.37% of revenue.

It is noteworthy that the above fund company are established soon. Fangyuan Tiancheng Assets was established on February 6, 2015 and Beijing Lingtong Shengtai Investment was established on August 28, 2012. Shenzhen Qianhai Yunxi Fund was established on February 16, 2016. In addition, there are not many stock strategy products managed by the above-mentioned private equity fund managers, with a maximum of seven management companies and at least one company with only one product.

The best target to help super profits

The Daily Economic News reporter found that the key to the success of private placement in 2017 stock returns is insisted on value investment + allocation of Hong Kong stocks. Such as the champion "Tiancheng No. 1" fund manager Guo Feibu had publicly said before that his stock picking strategy is to find the most undervalued markets, sectors and high-quality stocks, especially in the Hong Kong stock market is undervalued, insist on holding even jiacang low Valuation of Hong Kong stocks target, so its products have received a good performance returns, its product performance rose mainly from the successful mining of Hong Kong stocks through the standard.

2017 Private Runner-up Yunxi Fund The first product was established on July 12, 2016. Since its establishment, the net worth of products has gone up and the net worth soared since July 2017, causing concern. Yang Yun, head of Yunxi Fund, started investing in Hong Kong stocks and US stocks in 2009 and has been holding stocks such as Tencent Holdings . Yang Yong has publicly stated that they have always insisted on the value of investment, basically buying consumer pharmaceutical technology industry leading stocks last year, the major products using Shigekura out attack stocks strategy, the company's product performance rose mainly due to real estate, automotive, pharmaceutical And other consumer upgrades leading plate and the Internet sector leading investment. These leading stocks have risen hugely since last year, especially the rise of domestic stocks and auto stocks, which are the most common stocks in Hong Kong stocks, which have substantially boosted the net worth of products.

There is "Dongtuo No.3", which made the net value increase rapidly due to the heavy position of Fangda Carbon. It ranked sixth in the stock strategy ranking in 2017. Wang Chunxiu, manager of the "Dongtuo No.3" fund manager, said in 2017 Heavy warehouse in June a large carbon, and daily tracking graphite electrode up and down the situation, the team also manufacturers and establish a close telephone contact, inquiries inventory, the possibility of price increases and so on. When it is time to sell, the stock has risen more than 200%.





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